Product DNA has been providing transparency and traceability solutions for the global economy since 2005.

Share your product on and discover the power of transparency. is the customer-focused product transparency platform that allows you to connect with your community by publishing information about your products.


The all-in-one traceability solution documents, manages and publishes your product to the global market. When you publish, our customizable tools enable you to spotlight your product journey, share supply chain information from raw materials to distribution, and show ethical, sustainable production and traceability processes.

QR Code

Each QR Code relays information on origin, ingredients, and use of certified raw materials, elevating customer engagement by showcasing verifiable results from your sustainable practices and ESG initiatives. This empowers consumers to make informed and confident choices.


You can attach the simple and seamless QR code to the label tag of the product or share it on your communication channels (website, adverts, etc.) to give consumers a real user experience from a physical product.


You can even enhance the brand experience by building your own custom Respect Code platform to your brand style, or simply opt for our off-the-shelf RESPECT-Code design.

RESPECT-Code Examples:

Get the RESPECT-SaaS > Create your supply chain > Get your supply chain reviewed > Get a QR Code > Publish on and your own channels.

Cultivate trust and lasting relationships through transparent storytelling and user-friendly product straceability software.
Safeguard your reputation and foster brand authenticity by demonstrating transparency in the material traceability of your products.
Maximize traceability value by transforming complex manufacturing traceability data into user-friendly maps.
Build trust-based relationships by openly communicating validated insights about your product.

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