Product DNA has been providing transparency and traceability solutions for the global economy since 2005.

RESPECT-SaaS is the comprehensive supply chain traceability software platform.

We have created the perfect tool for product and supply chain management, so you can create a complete product traceability software map that combines all data related to its suppliers, supply chains, batches, publications, licences & certificates.
RESPECT-SaaS will simplify your day-to-day business operations because of the ease of navigation from one stage to another, and the clear visualization of the different phases in your supply chain, which can be optimized through seamless integration into fully traced chains.
It will streamline productions steps with improved communication with suppliers, effortlessly align on project objectives with sleek data flow, and mitigate supply chain disruptions with informed decision-making to create faster and smoother market delivery.
This easy-to-use software will leverage the power of supply chain traceability to optimize ongoing goals of ethical garment manufacturing, sustainability, and circular economy, especially regulatory compliance and environmental & social reporting.

Supply Chain Discovery

Expose all the different steps and suppliers in your supply chain. Our software enables you to construct intuitive supply chain traceability models, review stages, and evaluate results, meet the highest compliance standards, and monitor progress at each step of the supply chain:

Supply Due Diligence

Invite suppliers to provide the data you need. Once you add a supplier to the system, you invite them to collaborate, communicating certificates, proof of origin, and verification data.

Traceability & Transparency

Use the data collected for your business goals.
Product DNA have been providing Transparency & Traceability solutions for the Global Economy since 2005
We have cross-industry exposure, including Fashion & Textiles, Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Cosmetics, Building and Batteries.
We offer a SaaS traceability solution, a transparency platform, and expert support at any stage of the process, empowering full supply chain visibility, compliance, and communication.
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