Product DNA has been providing transparency and traceability solutions for the global economy since 2005.

Stay Compliant with Product DNA

We help you to manage government legislation:

We simplify compliance, so you can save time and resources. We offer complete compliance solutions, detailed supply chain data, ready-to-use documents and reports. All delivered in the format you need:
ESG scorecard, UFLPA, AGEG, Digital Product Passport (DPP).

Regulations and Standards that require reporting supply chain data:


US regulation


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Digital Product Passport (DPP)

EU Region

Learn more, and get ready for:

ESG Metric

US regulation

EU Deforestation

EU Region
The European Regulation against deforestation and forest degradation is part of the European Union’s efforts to combat imported deforestation.

Product First Approach

Our system is based on having the product as a base and therefore is suitable for all.
This provides us with the flexibility we need to deliver complex results.
Think about it in compliance terms:
If you want to be compliant with all those things at the same time, then you have to structure things from the point of view of the product.

Analysis on Component Level

Our use of the component is what makes it possible to provide a very unique tool on the market.
We can have every single batch ID of every component delivered in a product and make that useable.
You can have an end-to-end verification of any batch number provided to you.
You can have:

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